Safetytoes International Inc.: Safety toe shoes protection! An alternative to safety shoes, especially in situations where temporary safety shoes may be required, safetytoes have protective toe caps that slip over outer shoes. If risk assessments indicate the need for toe protection, due to the importance of workplace safety these safety toe overshoes can provide complete compliance similar to safety toe shoes or boots.

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All 'Slipp-R' safety toe rubber overshoe products have test certificates available for examination upon request to me at Our principles, policies and procedures have been in place since we first traded in safety toes. Some visitors have reported unexpected benefits.

From those with diabetes we have heard that our products have been a boon. Similarly, anybody who wears an orthotic, and I can't bear to be without one at all times, surely enjoys the slip on tight fitting rubber safety toe overshoe. Our truly unique all enclosed steel toe overshoes are excellent alternatives to more expensive safety footwear. We use steel toe caps that are stock items in the safety footwear industry. They comply with Standards throughout the world. The rubber material overshoe is made in Ontario at one of the most reputable Canadian footwear companies. The Slipp-R incorporates a number of enhanced features over the older types of overshoe. The 'Slipp-R's qualities range from flexibility to durabilty and from fit to style. We'd love to assist individual customers who have a need for our products. Of greatest concern there is the cost of shipping from Toronto.

Rest assured, we're continually fighting that one too. Another concern is getting the sizing right so we all don't incur any more shipping costs than is necessary. We've made some improvements in that area and we pride ourselves in our email response rates. A topic in the news a lot is products made in China. This is competition we endorse. We make products that exceed minimum requirements for toe protection and our close promimity to the source of production allows us to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

All "Slipp-R' rubber safety toe products are produced in Ontario, Canada. We value how the Canadian Footwear Industry has benefited us in developing the most significant overhaul of the first safety toe overshoes. Safetytoes International Inc is a strong supporter of ethical manufacturing and has taken the PVC-Free Pledge. I hope you find the information in this Quality Assurance area of our website helpful. If you have any questions, please E-mail and I'd be glad to quickly respond. Protect your piggies!

Patrick Smyth
CEO, Safetytoes International Inc


North American Office
Safetytoes International Inc.
221 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2N 1N2
TEL: (416) 222-3609 ext. 26
Toll Free: 1-800-441-5481 ext. 26
FAX: (416) 733-8717

European Office
Safety Toes Europe Ltd.
31 The Grange,
County Kildare
Tel: +353(0)45 435582
Fax: 00353 45 435582

My name is Patrick Smyth and I am CEO of Safetytoes International
Inc. My responsibilities include both the development of our products
and the Quality Assurance of our products. I am also a big fan of toe protection since Canada, where I live, sometimes can have more
winter months than summer months. There's always a slip, trip or
stub waiting to happen in snow and ice.

We take our quest to improve awareness for our safety toe overshoe products very seriously. We recognize the great responsibility we
have to provide our visitors with unique alternative safety shoe
products that are as safe and effective as safety footwear. We take many steps to assure our product safety and quality.

Our products are tested and comply with minimum standards as in
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and CE (European standards). In turn, by
open association with these bodies, our 'Slipp-R' is accepted as
compliant in other parts of the world as diverse as Australia, South
Africa and Mexico.

We used independent laboratories, such as SATRA (England), Artech Testing and Precision Testing Labs (USA) to perform testing
evaluations. We believe that independent laboratories bring both
testing expertise and objectivity to the product evaluation process.
Test methodology is clearly outlined and strictly adhered to during
the testing process.
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Safetytoes International Inc.: Quality Assurance Statement 

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