Safetytoes International Inc.: Safety toe shoes protection! An alternative to safety shoes, especially in situations where temporary safety shoes may be required, safetytoes have protective toe caps that slip over outer shoes. If risk assessments indicate the need for toe protection, due to the importance of workplace safety these safety toe overshoes can provide complete compliance similar to safety toe shoes or boots.

Safetytoes International Inc.: Technical Information

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Safety Toe Shoes: Products

North American Office
Safetytoes International Inc.
221 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2N 1N2
TEL: (416) 222-3609 ext. 26
Toll Free: 1-800-441-5481 ext. 26
FAX: (416) 733-8717

European Office
Safety Toes Europe Ltd.
31 The Grange,
County Kildare
Tel: +353(0)45 435582
Fax: 00353 45 435582


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Safetytoes International Inc. | Technical Information
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Please download Test Results.
1. Test Certificate - Steel Toe Caps
2. Intertek Test Certificate - Standards Used
3. ASTM F 2412-05 Electrical Shock Resistance
4. ASTM F 2412-05 Impact Resistance
5. ASTM D 1630-04 Abrasion Resistance
6. ASTM F 1970-05 Cut Resistance
7. SATRA Cert March 2008
8. SATRA Services Report September 2006
9. SATRA Slip September 2005
10. ISCO Safety Toecap
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